Beautiful wedding in Normandy

Real weddings: L + M

Normandy is beautiful. But what happens when you put a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress and a beautiful venue with beautiful guests, then add some flowers, a sparkle of sunshine and a photographer’s devotion? Beautiful wedding photography full of emotion!

Laura and Maximilian came all the way from Germany to get married in Lower Normandy. The private venue was somewhat hard to find though did so when I stumbled upon a German car in the area. As the gates opened to this gem I discovered a hive of activity as girls bustled around a mountain of flowers like bees. Candle sticks, chairs, tables, beer, barmen, caterers and, well everything, all moving within the white marquee! Table arrangements done, I followed (at speed) Laura and the bridesmaids down narrow and winding lanes until behold, a converted barn… From this point the pace of the morning turned from beehive to gracious and thus continued the day…

photographe-mariage-calvados 20150829_028 20150829_014 20150829_009 20150829_031 20150829_041 20150829_054 20150829_062 20150829_058calvados-wedding-photographer 20150829_103 20150829_158 20150829_126 20150829_129 20150829_108 20150829_133 photographe-mariage-basse-normandie 20150829_176 20150829_188 normandie-photographe-mariage 20150829_199 20150829_20020150829_224 20150829_219 photographie-mariage-lisieux 20150829_237 20150829_238 wedding-photographer-caen photographie-mariage-calvados 20150829_278 20150829_273 20150829_305 20150829_312 photographe-mariage-caen 20150829_351 20150829_354 wedding-photographer-france20150829_023 20150829_021 wedding-photography-lower-normandy 20150829_406 20150829_403 20150829_374 20150829_438 wedding-photographer-calvados 20150829_427 20150829_407 beautiful normandy wedding photography photographie-mariage-en-normandie 20150829_466 20150829_483 photographie-mariage-basse-normandie 20150829_428 20150829_429 20150829_017 20150829_525 20150829_509 20150829_020 photographie-mariage-normandie


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All you need is love (and balloons)

ISPWP contest | Summer 2015

4 Awards Gained!!

Welcome news came this morning as the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) announced the results of their Summer 2015 contest. After shooting a long wedding the day (and night) before, I rested my aching joints and browsed many amazing photos with a nice cup of tea.

I soon came across a familiar image (one of mine) which gained 15th place in the ‘Ceremony‘ category. Then one cup of tea later, another of my photos popped up at 14th place in ‘Bridal Party Portrait‘. Happy to have two awarded images I continued admiring the work of fellow friends and comrades from France, Belgium, Britain and all over the globe.

Two cups of tea in, I was coming to the end of the results. But then another of my shots appeared at 14th place ‘All About Light‘ and finally another at 15th place ‘The Wedding Dress‘!! YES!!

_ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-14th-All-About-Light _ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-14th-Bridal-Party-Portrait _ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-15th-The-Wedding-Dress _ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-15th-Ceremony

To see the all the results of this contest follow the link below. It’s great entertainment for tea drinking!

ISPWP – Summer 2015 contest results

A perfect proposal in Paris

Surprise Engagement Session – Holly & Brandon

Choosing the perfect spot to propose to your perfect lady isn’t the easiest of things! Of the many romantic cities of the world, the first choice has to be Paris – especially if you’re a wine lover like Brandon. And this iconic city of love has SO many places from which to choose. Over the course of a few months I discussed several possible locations for this special moment. We finally decided on one of my favorite photography spots – the Ile Saint Louis.

Holly had no idea she was being followed as she strolled hand in hand with Brandon along the river bank. Nor did she know of the question he was about to ask!! Then they arrived at the perfect spot… …I have photographed many surprise engagements, yet I never tire of this moment! Knowing someone is about a ask a question that will change their lives forever and being chosen to document the occasion is such an honor! Thank you!

Congratulations Holly and Brandon!!

lovers Ile saint louis paris surprise proposal photography paris surprise enagement photography paris lovers kissing 20150720_040 lovers looking at notre dame paris lovers in paris engagement portrait paris couple engagement photographer paris engagement photographer paris engagement photo session in paris

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All you need is love (and balloons)

Real Wedding: C & J

Some weddings come with little surprises – or in the case of Clemence & Jean’s wedding, big round surprises… …12 enormous helium balloons! For me they became the theme of their wedding and where the balloons went, I followed. I did of cause concentrate a little on the bride and groom as well as the lovely Normandy location of the Chateau de Valliquerville. But the ambiance that hovered in the form of big white bubbles aided in many a nice photo!

20150627_498normandie mariage robe20150627_085 20150627_09420150627_10420150627_117 20150627_124 20150627_136 20150627_267mariage eglise angiens20150627_168 20150627_17420150627_188 20150627_18020150627_21120150627_215 20150627_18420150627_22120150627_196 20150627_200 20150627_235 20150627_23720150627_214 20150627_26920150627_242 20150627_266 20150627_279 20150627_272 20150627_27320150627_316 20150627_321 20150627_29420150627_296 20150627_488 20150627_35620150627_445 20150627_31520150627_480 20150627_483balloon mariage 20150627_510 20150627_52420150627_520 20150627_51920150627_282 20150627_542 20150627_55420150627_578 20150627_58120150627_58620150628_648 20150628_656 20150628_64320150628_651 20150628_654 20150628_674 20150628_683 20150628_685 20150628_689


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ISPWP contest | Spring 2015

7th place – Category ‘Movement & Motion’.

The standard of photography for the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer (ISPWP) just keeps getting higher! In the latest contest, Spring 2015, I was blown away by some of the images.

On this occasion I only entered 4 images and was really happy to see that one of them was awarded 7th place in the ‘Movement and Motion’ category!


Savannah Railroad Wedding

Real Wedding: J+W

Savannah is an amazing place. The old colonial town located in the southern state of Georgia, USA is overflowing with charm. Live music at every turn, good food (if you follow me on FB you’ll know already about the waffles and doughnuts) and enchanting historic houses. The streets are shadowed by alleys of enormous Live Oaks that are draped with haunting Spanish moss. I could see why Wendy and Jeff chose the town as a host for their wedding!

I first met this lovely couple in Paris where Jeff ask Wendy if she would be his wife. I had the honor to secretly photograph her reaction from a nearby bush as she said, “YES”! You can see the photos here: Surprise Proposal in Paris

Savannah-railroad-museum-weddingbefore-wedding-portrait-session-savannah Steam-train-central-georgiasavannah-river-boats trolly-on-river-street-savannahI was very happy when Wendy and Jeff asked me if I wanted to continue the relationship by photographing their wedding in Savannah. Not only because it would be a wonderful occasion to travel to the States, but also I love it when my past clients come back to me for more photography. It’s such a complement! On top of that, when I heard the wedding was to take place in the old railway station I thought to myself, cool! savannah-georgia wedding-dress wedding-dress-2ring-details savannah-steam-train

The day started in a stunning house on West Liberty Street. I had been there the night before for the welcome party and was looking forward to the change of scene from photographing weddings in a French chateau. The girls were busy getting ready on the first floor while the boys were in the basement apartment.

Once ready, the girls and I hopped on a local trolly (a sort of tram on wheels) and headed to Forsyth Park where Jeff was already waiting for ‘the first look’ of Wendy in her wedding dress.

girls-getting-ready-west-liberty-street wedding-shoe-details getting-ready-detailsgroom-getting-ready-savannah fountain-square-savannahlive-oak-spanish-moss-savannah rolex-watch-detailgroomsmen-getting-ready bride-getting-ready-hair bride-getting-readybride-getting-ready-dress bride-getting-ready-savannah bride-getting-ready-shoesbride-getting-ready-savannah-georgia bride-and-groom-forsyth-park first-look-forsyth-park Onward to the Savannah Railroad Museum for the ceremony in the Blacksmith Shop…savannah-railroad-museum-wedding savannah-railroad blacksmith-shop-wedding-ceremonyceremony-details wedding-detailsblacksmith-shop-wedding-ceremony-savannah blacksmith-shop-detail candelssavannah-wedding-ceremony ring-details destination-wedding-savannah-georgia blacksmith-workshop-wedding

As the sun was making its last appearance we were on track to the Roundhouse Overnight Shed. Among the restored wagons they danced to live music…

Roundhouse-overnight-shed-weddingwedding-details sunset-at-the-roundhouse destination-wedding-overnight-shed-savannah wedding-photography-roundhouse-savannahspeach-grooms-father emotion-savannah-wedding-photographer savannah-wedding-photographerreportrage-wedding-savannah documentary-wedding-photographer-savannahsinger flower-details wedding-reception girls-dacing-at-wedding reception-party dance-floor-actionwedding-departure spaklers details wedding-photography-wormsloe-plantation-savannah

The end.

Fearless Photographers Awards | August 2014

Fearless Photographers Awards – Collection 23 (August 2014)

Fearless Photographers is a unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day. Every two months they host contests where they receive 10s of thousands of photos from members. Only 1-5% of these images gain an award. One of my photos were awarded in their latest contest, Collection 23 of August, 2014.


Cornwall Coastline Wedding

Real Wedding: Katherine & Andrew

When Katherine and Andrew first contacted me I immediately liked their story. They were an English couple living in Thailand and were planning a French chateau wedding. Coming from an artistic family, photography was important to them and they had begun looking at photographers even before the venue was finalised. As it happened, they decided against the venue and ending up completely changing the country where the wedding was to take place. A family home in Cornwall was to host the event and I had the pleasure of being part of the day.

Cornwall weddingcornwall_wedding_photo_001 cornwall_wedding_photo_002cornwall_wedding_photo_016 cornwall_wedding_photo_010 cornwall_wedding_photo_017cornwall_wedding_photo_012 cornwall_wedding_photo_018 cornwall_wedding_photo_011 cornwall_wedding_photo_013 cornwall_wedding_photo_014cornwall_wedding_photo_015 cornwall_wedding_photo_020 cornwall_wedding_photo_019 cornwall_wedding_photo_022 cornwall_wedding_photo_008 cornwall_wedding_photo_025 cornwall_wedding_photo_026 cornwall_wedding_photo_027cornwall_wedding_photo_029 cornwall_wedding_photo_028cornwall_wedding_photo_030 cornwall_wedding_photo_031 cornwall_wedding_photo_033 cornwall_wedding_photo_032 cornwall_wedding_photo_034I had arrived the evening before and was to stay with the family in this beautiful part of England. Katherine’s mum had this wonderful garden situated on the rolling hills of Cornish countryside where a marque had been setup. From a photographers point of view, the view looked good and I looked forward to the following day to begin.

The wedding started with sunshine, lots of active people and photo opportunities at every turn! Katherine got ready in a stunning room overlooking the marque through beaming windows. The village church was just a stones throw away up the hill. Until this point I had yet to meet Andrew (other than on Skype) who was busy greeting guests as they arrived. He looked calm…cornwall_wedding_photo_036 cornwall_wedding_photo_035 cornwall_wedding_photo_037 cornwall_wedding_photo_038 cornwall_wedding_photo_039cornwall_wedding_photo_040 cornwall_wedding_photo_041 cornwall_wedding_photo_043 cornwall_wedding_photo_044 cornwall_wedding_photo_045 cornwall_wedding_photo_042 cornwall_wedding_photo_046 cornwall_wedding_photo_047 cornwall_wedding_photo_048 cornwall_wedding_photo_049cornwall_wedding_photo_050 cornwall_wedding_photo_051 cornwall_wedding_photo_052cornwall_wedding_photo_053 cornwall_wedding_photo_054 cornwall_wedding_photo_009 cornwall_wedding_photo_021 cornwall_wedding_photo_023 cornwall_wedding_photo_007 cornwall_wedding_photo_004cornwall_wedding_photo_055 cornwall_wedding_photo_058 cornwall_wedding_photo_059 cornwall_wedding_photo_061 cornwall_wedding_photo_056 cornwall_wedding_photo_057 cornwall_wedding_photo_060 cornwall_wedding_photo_006

The evening atmosphere was relaxed spread with bursts of laughter from left to right. Despite the earlier rainfall, they still managed to light the huge bonfire, the first I’ve seen at a wedding, followed by fire performers and fireworks!cornwall_wedding_photo_062 cornwall_wedding_photo_003cornwall_wedding_photo_005 cornwall_wedding_photo_063 cornwall_wedding_photo_02420140809_681cornwall_wedding_photo_066 cornwall_wedding_photo_068 cornwall_wedding_photo_069 cornwall_wedding_photo_070 cornwall_wedding_photo_067 cornwall_wedding_photo_071cornwall_wedding_photo_072 cornwall_wedding_photo_073 cornwall_wedding_photo_074 cornwall_wedding_photo_075 cornwall_wedding_photo_076 cornwall_wedding_photo_077 cornwall_wedding_photo_078cornwall_wedding_photo_080 cornwall_wedding_photo_079 cornwall_wedding_photo_081 cornwall_wedding_photo_082 cornwall_wedding_photo_083 cornwall_wedding_photo_084 cornwall_wedding_photo_085

The following day I when location scouting in preparation for a portrait session with the newly weds later that day. The winds were strong that day which added a wild and dramatic edge to the shoot. Katherine and Andrew looked great on those coastal rocks!

Thank you to an amazing couple!cornwall_wedding_photo_100 cornwall_wedding_photo_101 cornwall_wedding_photo_087 cornwall_wedding_photo_088 cornwall_wedding_photo_089 cornwall_wedding_photo_099cornwall_wedding_photo_097 cornwall_wedding_photo_090 cornwall_wedding_photo_091 cornwall_wedding_photo_086 cornwall_wedding_photo_094 cornwall_wedding_photo_092 cornwall_wedding_photo_093 cornwall_wedding_photo_098 cornwall_wedding_photo_095 cornwall_wedding_photo_096