ISPWP Summer 2015 Wedding Photography Contest Results
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ISPWP contest | Summer 2015

ISPWP contest | Summer 2015

4 Awards Gained!!

Welcome news came this morning as the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) announced the results of their Summer 2015 contest. After shooting a long wedding the day (and night) before, I rested my aching joints and browsed many amazing photos with a nice cup of tea.

I soon came across a familiar image (one of mine) which gained 15th place in the ‘Ceremony‘ category. Then one cup of tea later, another of my photos popped up at 14th place in ‘Bridal Party Portrait‘. Happy to have two awarded images I continued admiring the work of fellow friends and comrades from France, Belgium, Britain and all over the globe.

Two cups of tea in, I was coming to the end of the results. But then another of my shots appeared at 14th place ‘All About Light‘ and finally another at 15th place ‘The Wedding Dress‘!! YES!!

_ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-14th-All-About-Light _ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-14th-Bridal-Party-Portrait _ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-15th-The-Wedding-Dress _ISPWP-Summer-2015-Contest-15th-Ceremony

To see the all the results of this contest follow the link below. It’s great entertainment for tea drinking!

ISPWP – Summer 2015 contest results