Photo of the Day - 12.06.17 - Wedding photographer France -
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Photo of the Day – 12.06.17

Photo of the day, Chateau Bois-Guy in Brittany

Photo of the Day – 12.06.17


Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ was shot at the Chateau Bois-Guy in Brittany, France – during the wedding of N&J.

HOW: Moments before the dress fitting, the bride and her bridesmaids were adding the finishing touches to their makeup. Just before I had been concentrating on the bride who was having her lipstick done. I noticed one girl head into the bathroom. At that point I switched cameras, positioned myself to the right to frame her within the doorway. I shot wide to include the three elements of this image; the two girls, the girl in red and the dress. I angled the camera up to straighten the verticals and give an otherwise busy photo the upper space to breath.

WHY: The three elements make the image, each framed within their respective doors. All colours are uniformed with the exception of the red dress – which is the key figure.