Photo of the Day - 16.06.17 - Wedding photographer France -
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Photo of the Day – 16.06.17

Photo of the day

Photo of the Day – 16.06.17


Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ was shot at the Chateau Saint Julien in the Loire Valley, France – during the wedding of Denva & Blair.

HOW: Denva (the bride) had just put on her dress. Her dad walked into the room and at that point I knew I wanted to capture all four people. The colour version of this shot is much brighter and in it, you can clearly see the father of the bride. Though I wanted the eye to instantly focus on the dress, then the bridemaids and finally, the father. It is for this reason I converted the photo to black & white, and added the strong vignette.

WHY: Despite not seeing the brides face, there is a wonderful connection between all four members in this photo. The bridesmaids hands give a possibly static image movement and a sense of moment. Although the father is the last person you see, I would say he is key to the photos success – and I like that 🙂