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A perfect proposal in Paris

A perfect proposal in Paris

Surprise Engagement Session – Holly & Brandon

Choosing the perfect spot to propose to your perfect lady isn’t the easiest of things! Of the many romantic cities of the world, the first choice has to be Paris – especially if you’re a wine lover like Brandon. And this iconic city of love has SO many places from which to choose. Over the course of a few months I discussed several possible locations for this special moment. We finally decided on one of my favorite photography spots – the Ile Saint Louis.

Holly had no idea she was being followed as she strolled hand in hand with Brandon along the river bank. Nor did she know of the question he was about to ask!! Then they arrived at the perfect spot… …I have photographed many surprise engagements, yet I never tire of this moment! Knowing someone is about a ask a question that will change their lives forever and being chosen to document the occasion is such an honor! Thank you!

Congratulations Holly and Brandon!!

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