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Sunrise in Paris

pre-wedding photography Paris: Eiffel Tower

Sunrise in Paris

Pre-wedding photography in Paris

It was one of those amazing mornings in Paris… crisp clear air, empty streets and a motivated couple from Taiwan. It was a perfect day for a pre-wedding shoot.

We met at 5am in Montmarte at the flat they were renting and headed down to Trocadero to start the photo session. The sun was just coming up behind the Eiffel Tower, it looked wonderful. From there we walked in the direction of the Eiffel Tower and inspiration hit me. The reflections in the water fountains drew me in to take another pleasing photo. I had always wanted to photograph the Vertical Gardens which is where we were off to next. Once that shot was in the bag, we were doing good for time so off to the Arc de Triomphe. Mia dress looked fantastic against the stone. Final stop Montmarte. I love shooting up here, its a place you can never tire of!

pre-wedding photography Paris: Eiffel Tower pre-wedding photography Paris: Bride Pre-wedding photography Paris: Vertical Gardens pre-wedding photography Paris: Montmarte pre-wedding photography Paris: montmarte pre-wedding photography Paris: Arc de Triomphe pre-wedding photography Paris: Eiffel tower

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