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A Paris pre wedding photography session


A Paris pre wedding photography session

Winter Sunrise and Sunset

My latest client came all the way from Thailand to have their pre wedding photos taken around Paris. We shot over two days. The first being at sunrise, the second starting at sunset and shooting some night photos.

They stayed at the Hotel Ares Eiffel not too far from the Champs de Mars. I collected them from there to take them to our first location… sunrise at the Trocadero. This is always one of my favorite starting place at this time of day… free from the crowds though I can be a little chilly! I loved the bride’s coat and felt it added a certain quality to the images. I think she was rather happy too just to keep off the chill.

Our next stop was Pont Alexandre III. It was cold here too, but this did have its advantages as there was less people around. I often concentrate on large sweeping seen-setters though I really enjoyed getting some lovely close-ups.

Day two they were at a different hotel the InterContinental on Avenue Marceau. This is a stunning place and steps from the Champs Elysees. The night photo session started at the Louvre. This location looks much better at night. It was a bit warmer this day too so my clients were happy. For the final call we headed back to Trocadero and the carousel which is close to here.

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If you are interested in having your pre wedding photos taken, you can see more of my work on my website: www.stephensonimagery.com