Destination weddings in France -
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Destination France!

Destination France!

Coralie & Simon – Real Wedding

Guests traveled from countries across the globe to attend Coralie & Simon’s wedding. The bride and groom themselves headed over from their home in England to the cloudy skies of Normandy. Many of Simon’s friends & family were making their way from South Africa, where he was born. Though other people from Botswana, Tanzania and the four corners of France were on their way. Even the priest traveled from Great Britain to attend! With this many people reunited, I knew this day would be an emotional event!

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The day started at full speed, full of action… I love this. So many people, so much happening, so good for photos!

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Coralie had been keeping her composure all morning. Then it became too much, the first tiers were shed at the town hall while her dad gave this speech. She may have been the first, though many were to follow!

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One of the most moving moments of the day came from Simon’s sister. Caught by emotion during a speech, she froze. Unable to say the words, “For all the sick people back home in South Africa”. I’ve shot a lot of weddings, though I still find myself touched by moments like this!

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Thank you Coralie & Simon for choosing me to document such a moving wedding day.