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Beautiful wedding in Normandy


Beautiful wedding in Normandy

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Normandy is beautiful. But what happens when you put a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress and a beautiful venue with beautiful guests, then add some flowers, a sparkle of sunshine and a photographer’s devotion? Beautiful wedding photography full of emotion!

Laura and Maximilian came all the way from Germany to get married in Lower Normandy. The private venue was somewhat hard to find though did so when I stumbled upon a German car in the area. As the gates opened to this gem I discovered a hive of activity as girls bustled around a mountain of flowers like bees. Candle sticks, chairs, tables, beer, barmen, caterers and, well everything, all moving within the white marquee! Table arrangements done, I followed (at speed) Laura and the bridesmaids down narrow and winding lanes until behold, a converted barn… From this point the pace of the morning turned from beehive to gracious and thus continued the day…

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