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Photo of the day, Chateau Bois-Guy in Brittany

Photo of the Day – 12.06.17

#photooftheday Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ was shot at the Chateau Bois-Guy in Brittany, France – during the wedding of N&J. HOW: Moments before the dress fitting, the bride and her bridesmaids were adding the finishing touches to their makeup. Just before I had been concentrating on...

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photo of the day - Chateau St. Julien l'Ars

Photo of the Day – 08.06.17

#photooftheday Today's 'Photo of the Day' was shot at the Chateau St. Julien l'Ars in the Loire Valley, France - during the wedding of D&B. HOW: Towards the end of the cocktail party, I instructed the couple walk up and down a path cut within a grassy...

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Love and the Chateau de Marcay

Real Weddings: Linda & Pär The Chateau de Marcay is a 15th century charm located just a bouquets throw from Chinon in Val-de-Loire, France. I had the pleasure of exploring this Loire Valley treasure while photographing the wedding of Linda and Pär. As I turned into...

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Beautiful wedding in Normandy

Real weddings: L + M Normandy is beautiful. But what happens when you put a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress and a beautiful venue with beautiful guests, then add some flowers, a sparkle of sunshine and a photographer's devotion? Beautiful wedding photography full of emotion! Laura...

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