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Photo of the day - church exit Rouen

Photo of the Day

#photooftheday Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ was shot in Rouen, France – during the wedding of Anne-Laure & Thomas. WHEN: After the ceremony as they exited the church. WHY: I've photographed weddings at this church before and I remembered how difficult the church exit can be here. The...

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photo of the day

Photo of the Day

#photooftheday Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ was shot at the Chateau d'Ermenonville, France – during the wedding of Anne & Sunny. WHEN: Between downpours of rain, we stepped outside to take a few family photos. This was the test shot I took before Anne & Sunny's parents...

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wedding photographer chateau du bois-guy

Chateau du Bois-Guy

Wedding in Brittany Just a stones throw from the famous Mont St Michel, the Chateau du Bois-Guy sits on the edge of Brittany's boarder with Normandy. You approach the venue via a bendy lane, later lined with trees to reveal the stone Chateau perfectly framed to...

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Château St Julien

Château Saint Julien

A fairy-tail wedding The Château Saint Julien is a wedding venue where dreams come true. This French Chateau located in the Loire Valley has everything a princess could imagine for her fairy-tail wedding. And if you are dreaming of an outdoor ceremony like Denva & Blair,...

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photo of the day - Chateau St. Julien l'Ars

Photo of the Day – 08.06.17

#photooftheday Today's 'Photo of the Day' was shot at the Chateau St. Julien l'Ars in the Loire Valley, France - during the wedding of D&B. HOW: Towards the end of the cocktail party, I instructed the couple walk up and down a path cut within a grassy...

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Love and the Chateau de Marcay

Real Weddings: Linda & Pär The Chateau de Marcay is a 15th century charm located just a bouquets throw from Chinon in Val-de-Loire, France. I had the pleasure of exploring this Loire Valley treasure while photographing the wedding of Linda and Pär. As I turned into...

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Savannah Railroad Wedding

Real Wedding: J+W Savannah is an amazing place. The old colonial town located in the southern state of Georgia, USA is overflowing with charm. Live music at every turn, good food (if you follow me on FB you'll know already about the waffles and doughnuts) and...

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